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Novell at the crossroads
BrainShare '97: Novell at the Crossroads It's crunch time for Novell. Attendees of the company's BrainShare conference this week in Salt Lake City will be asking tough questions about Novell's Internet strategy; its product plans; and its newly appointed CEO, Eric Schmidt.

While Schmidt says he believes Novell is on the right course, it is clear that he faces a number of challenges in turning Novell into a full-fledged Internet company.

With Schmidt coming on board April 7, the company will look to do more deals like the one announced with Netscape last week. At this week's annual user conference, Novell will be showing off its Border Services intranet products and links between ManageWise and Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG management software. It will also give the first public demonstration of its Wolf Mountain clustering software.


Novell's new team

Following the lean financial years under former CEOs Ray Noorda and Robert Frankenberg, Wall Street reacted cautiously to Schmidt's appointment.

The industry will be watching to see if Schmidt, in combination with Vice Chairman John Young and President and COO Joseph Marengi, can help Novell reinvent itself as an Internet company. Schmidt -- Sun's former CTO -- has been described as a brilliant technologist, but is that what Novell needs right now?

The seeds are planted but will they grow?

Novell and Netscape plan to create a new software company called Novonyx to "adapt, integrate and sell" Netscape's software on Novell's IntranetWare operating system.

Novell, Oracle form a technology partnership to integrate NDS, Web Server 3.0.

Novell and Netscape are expected to announce an agreement to pair the latter's Internet servers with Novell's IntranetWare operating system.

Joe Marengi In an interview with PC Week, Novell President Joe Marengi (left) said the next full release of its network operating system, dubbed IntranetWare II, may not ship this spring as originally planned.

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