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PC Week Online April 2, 1996
Intranet applications expand
By Michael Moeller

Hummingbird Communications Ltd. and Simware Inc. are two of the hordes of vendors adding Internet capabilities to their applications.

Hummingbird today will roll out Columbus 1.0, which brings together a World-Wide Web browser with document management and indexing capabilities.

Columbus, available free of charge from Hummingbird's Web site, includes an E-mail and FTP client, Telnet and News readers, and a feature called Gather, which enables users to capture Web pages, store them locally, and distribute them over a corporate network to co-workers.

Columbus also includes a Personal Web Server, which enables users to store directories, files, documents, and frequently visited Web site URLs on their hard drives. Through a feature called NetBook, users can share that information with other users on the network.

Simware is rolling out at N+I a server-based application designed to provide users with access to 3270 applications through a Web browser.

Set to ship in June, Salvo Server Edition works in conjunction with a company's Web server and connects through an CGI (common gateway interface), dynamically converting 3270 data streams into HTML.

The software enables users to integrate information stored in several 3270-based applications and combine the results into a single integrated Web page that is generated on the fly.

Salvo Server Edition is priced on a concurrent-user basis, starting at $500 per user.

Hummingbird, in Booth 902, can be reached at http://www.hummingbird.com. Simware, in Booth 1120, can be reached at http://www.simware.com.

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