December 20, 1996 5:45 PM ET
Netscape to post preview of Communicator
By Michael Moeller

  Netscape Communications Corp. on Monday is expected to post on its World Wide Web site a public preview release of its next-generation Communicator client.

Due to be commercially available in the first quarter of next year, Communicator has been distributed to key corporate customers, such as US West Communications, since its introduction earlier this fall at Netscape's Developers Conference in New York.

According to Netscape officials in Mountain View, Calif., new features in the client include Internet Messaging Access Protocol 4-based E-mail capabilities, calendaring and scheduling, groupware functionality, and HTML authoring.

The release of Communicator marks Netscape's delivery on its promise to focus on the corporate marketplace and on E-mail and groupware. In addition, the release of the preview version marks the first delivery of the Collabra groupware technologies that Netscape acquired when it bought Collabra Software Inc. in 1995.

Communicator will be priced at $49 with an enterprise version priced at $79.

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