December 20, 1996 11:00 AM ET
V-One enhances security suite
By Maria Seminerio

  Electronic commerce software and smart-card maker V-One Corp. has beefed up its SmartGate browser- and server-independent security suite to provide firewall, encryption and authentication support across all TCP/IP-based applications.

SmartGate 2.2, which is expected to ship on Dec. 30, raises the bar on competing security systems by providing encrypted online registration, an accounting utility for tracking site traffic, and multiple-user and token support, said Jim Chen, CEO of V-One, in Rockville, Md.

The suite provides secure messaging and mobile user access, private communications with clients, customer interfaces for online banking and trading, and support for public agency applications such as online form-filing functions, Chen said.

SmartGate 2.2 lets organizations salvage more of their non-World Wide Web-enabled legacy applications than competing security products that rely on Secure Sockets Layer encryption, he said.

The suite incorporates technology first tested by the newly public company in U.S. government networks, including the National Security Agency and Air Force systems.

Users can customize the system to fit their needs, Chen said, adding that SmartGate works with numerous firewall products from competing vendors and supports a variety of protocols for digital certificates, secure messaging and smart cards.

Some early testers of the upgrade called it comprehensive and cost-efficient, albeit initially lacking in documentation and support.

"It was easy to install and maintain," said Ken Meehan, director of distributed technology at Jefferies & Co., a securities firm in New York. "We liked the logging and auditing capabilities."

Meehan, whose firm began using SmartGate in April for secure communications with clients and remote workers, said support for the product has improved over time. He also hopes future versions will provide client-side integration with Unix systems.

Utah's state government is deploying the suite to enhance security for telecommuting employees. Officials so far have been pleased with the results, according to Mike Rogers, a state network security official in Salt Lake City.

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