December 20, 1996 11:00 AM ET
Microsoft to roll out new Mail and News viewer for IE 3.0
By Michael Moeller

  Microsoft Corp. is slated to post today an update to its Internet Mail and News viewer for Internet Explorer 3.0 that adds support for the LDAP directory technologies and services.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is rapidly emerging as the standard technology for creating and linking together directories. As a result of the new LDAP support within the Internet Mail and News viewer, users will able to directly access LDAP-based public and private directories to search for E-mail addresses from within the browser.

As part of the release of the LDAP capabilities, Microsoft is also announcing partnerships with several LDAP-based Internet directory services, including 411, Bigfoot, Switchboard and WhoWhere.

According to Microsoft officials in Redmond, Wash., users will be able to seamlessly connect to 411 and Bigfoot when trying to locate a person's E-mail address.

For example, a user sending a message will be able to type the addressee's name in the "TO" section, and the Mail client will automatically query the 411 and Bigfoot directories for E-mail addresses associated with that person's name. The results of the query will be returned to the user, who can then select the correct E-mail address and have it automatically entered.

The new Internet Mail and News viewer, which is free of charge, runs only on Windows 95 or Windows NT versions of Internet Explorer 3.0

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