December 19, 1996 6:00 PM ET
Gemplus releases smart cards in U.S.
By Margaret Kane

  Gemplus America Inc. today announced the release of its public key encryption smart cards in the United States.

The Gemplus Public Key 2000 line features RSA-based digital signature authentication and 2K bytes of memory. The card will be used in the ImagineCard, a joint project of Gemplus, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Informix Software Inc. that targets the delivery of secure information over the Internet and corporate intranets. The GPK2000 will also support HP's recently announced International Cryptography Framework technology.

Cards featuring more memory will be available in 1997, including the GPK4000, with 4K bytes of memory and a 1,024-bit key length, and the GPK8000, with 8K bytes of memory, according to Gemplus officials in Montgomeryville, Pa.

Gemplus also released a developers' kit for the GPK2000 that includes a card reader, sample cards and Windows-based software for application development and personalization.

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