December 16, 1996 6:00 PM ET
Sybase offers peek at plans, rolls out SQL Server 11 Pro for NT
By Juan Carlos Perez

  Sybase Inc. plans to release next year a transaction-processing middleware component, code-named Jaguar, for Internet-based transactions.

Jaguar will support CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture), Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java programming language and Microsoft Corp.'s DCOM, said David Hsieh, vice president of the enterprise business group at Sybase. It will work with any RDBMS (relational DBMS).

In the works for next year are upgrades to the Emeryville, Calif., company's core Sybase SQL Server RDBMS to allow support for parallel queries, object data and Java applets, Hsieh said. The version that will support parallel queries is code-named Gryphon. The version that will support objects is called the Adaptive Server. Hsieh would not say which version will be released first or if those features will be rolled into one server.

Sybase also announced today that it is shipping Sybase SQL Server 11 Professional Edition for Windows NT, which has the same engine as the Sybase SQL Server 11 RDBMS but comes bundled with four tools. Included are the front-end query and reporting tool InfoMaker 5.0, the World Wide Web site application development tool NetImpact Dynamo, the management console SQL Central for managing both Sybase SQL Server and the desktop Sybase SQL Anywhere, and the database modeling tool SQL Modeler.

Sybase SQL Server 11 Professional Edition for NT will cost $3,595 for eight users and $34,995 for an unlimited number of users.

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