December 12, 1996 6:30 PM ET

WebStalker-Pro to provide burglar alarm for NT Web servers
By Michael Fitzgerald, Special To Pc Week

  NEW YORK -- A small Unix vendor says it has a burglar alarm to protect Windows NT-based Web servers from intruders.

Haystack Labs Inc., a security vendor in Austin, Texas, unveiled WebStalker-Pro for NT at Internet World here, billing it as the first security product designed to go beyond the firewall.

"Even if you have a lock on your door, you may want a burglar alarm, and what we're doing is a burglar alarm inside your Web site," said Steve Smaha, Haystack's president and CEO.

WebStalker was developed for organizations that need high levels of security. Where firewalls typically are used to block intruders from the outside, WebStalker-Pro tracks log-ins, authorizations and privileges and matches them against typical usage patterns. It can then automatically block users who violate these patterns, even if they come from inside the firewall.

While the company currently has no direct competitors, "if we're successful, we expect to have more competition than we can handle," Smaha said.

Haystack is in active partnerhip negotiations. Currently, only Sun Microsystems Inc. bundles WebStalker with its Ultra Unix servers, although Tivoli Systems Inc. and Compaq Computer Corp. were both demonstrating WebStalker-Pro in their booths here. Smaha said discussions were under way between Haystack and both of these vendors.

WebStalker-Pro for NT will sell for $2,995 per license when it begins shipping in the first quarter of 1997.

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