December 11, 1996 2:00 PM ET
Prodigy debuts $19.95 flat rate plan for online services
By Maria Seminerio

  Prodigy Services Corp. announced today at Internet World an unlimited-access, $19.95-per-month plan for its proprietary online service, Prodigy Classic, and its new World Wide Web-based service, Prodigy Internet.

The company also unveiled a combination plan enabling Prodigy Internet subscribers signing up for the $19.95 plan to receive free unlimited access to content on Prodigy Classic.

Starting Jan. 31, Prodigy will offer reduced term-rate pricing for users signing on for one or two years of Prodigy Internet service in advance. The one-year prepaid rate will be $17.95 per month, and the two-year prepaid rate will be $14.95 per month, company officials said at the trade show in New York.

The reduced term-rate options will also be available to users of the combination plan, Prodigy officials said.

The company's original $9.95, 5-hour monthly plan will remain in effect, and users will not be automatically upgraded to the $19.95 plan, officials said.

America Online Inc., the largest commercial online service, recently provoked ire for bumping up users from a less-expensive plan to its $19.95 monthly package. AOL has since signed agreements with attorneys general in several states to inform customers of the price change.

Prodigy, based in White Plains, N.Y., can be reached at Prodigy Internet software is available for free download at the company's Web site.

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