December 4, 1996 10:50 AM ET

PeopleSoft puts Oracle in the C/S cross hairs
By Jim Kerstetter

  SAN DIEGO -- PeopleSoft Inc. officials said Tuesday they believe they can pass Oracle Corp. and become No. 2 in the packaged client/server applications market within the next year or two.

CEO Dave Duffield, in the keynote address here at PeopleSoft's 1996 Users Conference, said there is no reason the company can't continue its break-neck growth.

PeopleSoft, of Pleasanton, Calif., has nearly doubled its revenues and employees in each of the past several years. Currently, SAP AG of Germany commands the lion's share of the client/server market, followed by Oracle and then PeopleSoft.

But with the recent release of the PeopleSoft 6 suite of client/server business applications, Duffield said his company can finally compete on a global level with a product designed to handle multinational issues, including multiple currencies and employment rules for various countries.

"You'll see the results in our human resources and financial product lines," Duffield told more than 7,000 people in attendance.

With PeopleSoft 6 headed out the door in pieces during the next several months, Duffield said company developers are turning their eyes toward PeopleSoft 7, which should be delivered at about this time next year.

PeopleSoft 7 will bring distributed computing, more focused Internet and intranet capabilities and online analytical processing into the PeopleSoft environment, Duffield said. It also will introduce online product documentation with the goal of easier information access for users.

Also during the next 12 to 18 months, PeopleSoft will create industry-specific business units to shepherd PeopleSoft applications into vertical markets, he said.

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