December 2, 1996 5:50 PM ET

Cabletron to acquire Oasys Group via stock swap
By Paula Musich

  Cabletron Systems Inc. today announced plans to acquire telecommunications software supplier The Oasys Group Inc. in a stock swap worth about $9 million.

In acquiring the privately held company, Cabletron hopes to strengthen its offerings in the telecommunications and wide area markets, according to Patricia Chrystycz, director of systems and network management marketing for Cabletron in Durham, N.H.

"Oasys gateway software is used by customers to help migrate from legacy telecom environments with TL1 [Transaction Language] -managed devices to standard TMN [Telecommunications Management Network] with CMIP [Common Management Information Protocol]-managed devices," said Chrystycz.

Cabletron currently markets frame relay hardware, remote access hardware and asynchronous transfer mode switches for the wide area, and it has targeted telecommunications and cable providers for its Spectrum network management system.

The acquisition is expected to be completed by early next year.

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