March 26, 1997 6:30 PM ET
Heavy hitters line up for Java database support
By Michael Moeller

  Next week at the second annual JavaOne Developers Conference, three database heavyweights will release a specification designed to provide stronger database support for Java.

At the San Francisco conference, Oracle Corp., IBM and Tandem Computers Inc. will team up on the release of the J/SQL specification, as well as detail plans on how the technology provides a high-level interface for easier creation of Java database applications.

Running on top of the current JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) specification created by JavaSoft, J/SQL is designed to provide developers with an abstracted layer above JDBC APIs so that database queries can be embedded into Java applications. JavaSoft will endorse the J/SQL specification.

By running on top of JDBC, J/SQL applications translate SQL queries into JDBC-compliant calls, which are then submitted against any database that supports JDBC. Information returned is then reconverted from JDBC to J/SQL for processing.

In addition to providing a higher-level API for creating database applications in Java, J/SQL is cross-platform and will work with any database or middleware software that supports JDBC.

The specification, which will be posted on the Web next week, will include a reference implementation of J/SQL applications. Oracle officials said that just as Java has begun the migration toward a standards body, J/SQL will also be submitted for standardization at a later date.

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