March 21, 1997 8:03 PM ET

Novell, Oracle to integrate NDS, Web App Server 3.0
By Lisa Wirthman

  Novell Inc. and Oracle Corp. plan to announce Monday at Novell's BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City a technology partnership expected to integrate Novell Directory Services with Oracle's Web Application Server 3.0.

Web Application Server operates within the framework of its CORBA/IIOP-based NCA (Network Computing Architecture), which enables PC and network computer clients to work across all Web, database and application servers mounted on a network.

The Web Application Server 3.0 component integrates Web-based and object-based applications by acting as an object request broker for Web-based "cartridges" that plug into the NCA architecture.

Novell's NDS will be the first directory to support Oracle's NCA, and through it, the Web Application Server, according to Novell officials.

NDS support for the NCA architecture means the plug-in cartridges can register themselves in the directory and find other objects across the network, officials said, enabling developers to build distributed applications across different object models.

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