March 17, 1997 6:15 PM ET
ESPN sets up one-day pass for 'impulse' surfers
By Margaret Kane

  ESPN Inc.'s Sportszone, one of the few Internet sites that has actually convinced consumers to pay for online content, will offer a new way of selling information to Web surfers looking to get the latest sports news-daily passes.

Using CyberCash Inc.'s electronic wallet, users will be able to view premium sections of the Web site for roughly $1 per day. That compares with Sportzone's monthly subscription fee of $4.95 per month.

This is the first "marquee" name to use CyberCash's electronic payment system, said Teresa Crummett, director of corporate marketing for CyberCash, which is based in Reston, Virginia.

Users download the wallets from CyberCash or Sportszone. They then provide financial information, including a credit card number, before transferring money to the wallets in $20 increments.

When users apply for the One Day Pass at Sportszone, the money is deducted from the wallet. The Pass is good for 24 hours.

Crummett compared the daily pass with buying a newsstand version of a magazine.

"This is good for impulse buyers-people who don't want to be subscribers on a daily basis. Maybe they'll trade up to subscriptions," she said.

Because CyberCash gets a fee for each transaction, signing up a popular site like Sportszone is a potentially lucrative deal. Sportszone gets about 3 million visitors per day, although not all of them view the fee-based information.

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