March 14, 1997 6:00 PM ET
From vox to video on the Internet
By Michael Fitzgerald in Los Angeles

  When will the Internet become the next mass medium? Not for a few years, but the groundwork is being laid right now.

Or so said Rob Glaser, president and CEO of Progressive Networks Inc., in Seattle, the maker of RealAudio, in his keynote speech at Internet World here this afternoon.

Glaser said that "1997 will be to video on the Net what 1995 was to audio." In other words, he added, it will be "the year it all gets going."

After the keynote, Glaser said that two years after RealAudio debuted, "we've got enough experience with it to figure out some commercial models," and that video is lagging behind audio by two to three years.

"They're laying the groundwork," said John Sculley, president and CEO of Live Picture, in New York. Sculley compared the Web today to citizen's band radio: "That was a fad, but it laid the groundwork for cellular telephones."

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