March 14, 1997 6:00 PM ET
Rockwell, Motorola announce delay in shipments of 56K products
By Margaret Kane

  Motorola Inc. and Rockwell Semiconductor Systems said today they will delay shipping chip sets and modems while they resolve performance issues related to their 56K-bps products.

Officials of both companies said the problems involved specific network configurations, adding they are working on algorithm improvements to speed performance. The problems only affect the client-side modems and are not related to the server-side modems used by Internet service providers.

Rockwell officials said the chip set delay will not affect the company's overall schedule for end-to-end K56Flex deployment. However, officials at Rockwell, of Newport Beach, Calif., did not disclose whether the delay would affect companies that use the chip sets other than Motorola.

Motorola, based in Schaumburg, Ill., which has already begun shipping modems with the higher-speed chips, said it will replace for free units that experience problems. Users can call (800) 566-3266 for more information.

The delay could deal a blow to Rockwell, which is waging a fierce battle with U.S. Robotics Corp. for supremacy in the emerging 56K-bps market.

USR's modems, using the x2 technology, do not interoperate at the higher speed with Rockwell's K56Flex technology, which is also backed by Lucent Technologies Inc.

Despite its own delays, USR was still able to get to market first, shipping its modems at the end of February.

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