March 13, 1997 1:15 PM ET
CompuServe opens shopping mall on the Web
By Christy Walker

  Stepping up its effort to bring more services and information to the Internet, CompuServe Inc. has announced the availability of its Electronic Mall on the Web.

The move is part of the Columbus, Ohio, online service's Red Dog initiative, announced last year, to convert all of its content to HTML.

"We want to take advantage of the open Internet standard, to slowly migrate out our services and make them available to more people, more clients," said Gary Yeauger, senior business manager of merchandising and commerce at CompuServe.

The CompuServe Electronic Mall was launched in 1984 as the first online shopping center.

Visitors to the site, at, can purchase items using their credit cards. Merchants must be secure sockets layer protected, Yeauger said.

Retailers offering services at the mall include FTD, Hammacher Schlemmer, J.C. Penney and Federal Express.

"The key [to the Electronic Mall] is saving time and ease of use, being able to quickly navigate any hour of the day and have it delivered to you," Yeauger explained.

The mall can be viewed with Netscape Communications Corp.'s Navigator or Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser.

CompuServe can be reached at

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