March 12, 1997 2:00 PM ET

PeopleSoft to offer free supply-chain software on Web
By Jim Kerstetter

  PeopleSoft Inc. and its subsidiary Red Pepper Software will soon offer free supply-chain software on their Web site.

On April 16, the Pleasanton, Calif., enterprise application vendor will post on its Web site ( a free Web collaboration package that lets users share requisitions and other order forms with suppliers.

PeopleSoft executives see the free software as a "mind-share ticket" to reassure users that the company is serious about manufacturing applications, said Monte Zweben, president of Red Pepper Software and vice president and general manager of PeopleSoft's Manufacturing Business Unit.

The first version of the Supply Chain Collaborator will work with standard browsers and rely on E-mail security standards. Later versions will likely work with RSA Data Security Inc. encryption, Zweben said.

The software will come with a set of open APIs that can integrate with most back-end applications. However, both sides of a Web-based transaction must be using the Collaborator, Zweben said.

A company could use the Collaborator to list the materials it needs from suppliers in the event of a jump in demand. Suppliers, in turn, could let the company know if they can meet those needs.

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