March 12, 1997 11:00 AM ET

HP steps up cross-platform drive
By Lisa Wirthman

  LOS ANGELES -- Hewlett-Packard Co. is working to integrate HP-UX more closely with other platforms and to make the operating system a viable choice for heterogeneous environments.

At Internet World here this week, HP will announce new consulting services for integrating HP-UX and Windows NT and unveil agreements to license Novell Inc.'s NDS (Novell Directory Services) as well as Java development tools for the operating system.

The company's newly launched HP Colliance program is a companywide initiative to provide better integration between Unix and NT so users can run enterprise applications on either platform, said David Birnbaum, Colliance program manager with HP in Cupertino, Calif.

"Customers are saying mixed Unix and NT environments are the norm now, but there are still many barriers to integrating the two," Birnbaum said.

HP's new program will provide consulting services to help users design cross-platform architectures, said Russ McBrien, services manager for the Colliance program. HP will also recommend ways to bridge the different platforms with products such as its OpenView management software or Praesidium single sign-on offering, McBrien added.

Another technology that will help users bridge the Unix/NT gap is Novell's NDS. HP is announcing this week it is licensing Novell's directory and replication services for HP-UX, Birnbaum said.

Novell has also announced plans to port NDS to NT later this year, which will provide HP-UX users yet another way to more closely integrate NT into their Unix environments, he added.

HP will deliver in the next 30 days a free base version of NDS for HP-UX and the option to license Novell replication services to run on top of that directory, Birnbaum said. The networking services will be provided as add-on features for the operating system and "will not be bundled into the HP-UX proper," he added.

Other cross-platform functionality due for HP-UX this quarter includes a new Java 1.1 SDK (Software Development Kit) licensed from Sun Microsystems Inc., HP officials confirmed. The Java 1.1 SDK for HP-UX will be available for free, they added.

HP, based in Palo Alto, Calif., can be reached at

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