March 11, 1997 6:15 PM ET
IBM has slew of new network adapter cards in store
By Paula Musich

  A new crop of network adapter cards will be sprouting this summer from IBM's Networking Hardware Division, of Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The adapters will expand the range of options for both Ethernet and Token-Ring networks, although IBM officials acknowledged that the Token-Ring LAN market is flat.

IBM, which intends to kick off a marketing campaign this year that emphasizes its leadership in Token-Ring technology, will introduce a credit-card Token Ring adapter for both ISA and PCI bus PCs.

This summer, IBM also intends to release a Token-Ring adapter for PCI bus PCs that exploits wake-on-demand, which allows a network administrator to power up a remote PC to perform upgrades or other management tasks, sources said.

The wake-on-demand function, implemented in the adapter, will be enhanced to provide a direct backplane connection to a PC's motherboard.

On the Ethernet front, meanwhile, IBM this summer intends to expand its wake-on-demand options by adding a 10/100 Ethernet adapter for PCI bus PCs. IBM already markets a wake-on-demand 10/100 option for ISA bus PCs.

IBM will also expand its range of shared Ethernet hub offerings with three new hub models including an unmanaged hub, an SNMP-managed hub and a remote monitoring-managed hub. The models will support Ethernet and Fast Ethernet links.

Toward the end of this year or early next year, IBM will begin to shrink the number of shared Token-Ring hub models it offers by combining its 8226, 8228, 8230 and 8238 models into a single platform, the source said.

Separately, IBM and its technology partner WaveRunner Technology Corp. by the end of this month will relaunch the WaveRunner wave division multiplexing products with new Windows 95 support that is certified by Microsoft Corp. The WaveRunner, designed to operate as an analog modem on the road and an ISDN adapter in a home office, includes an ISA adapter and a PCMCIA card. Windows NT support is planned for this summer.

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