March 10, 1997 6:15 PM ET
Bundle targets software distribution over corporate intranets
By Jeff Moad

  Lucent Technologies Inc. today entered the electronic software distribution products market with Terranova Express, a dedicated server and software bundle that lets corporate users license and distribute software over their intranets.

Unlike other ESD products, such as those from Cybersource Corp. and BITSource Inc., Terranova Express only runs over secure IP intranets. As such, the product does not include authentication and secure wrappering code, as opposed to products that transmit software and other intellectual property over the public Internet.

Terranova Express includes a dedicated 90MHz Pentium server that runs at the user's site and contains copies of software products. Clients download the applications over the intranet using a Terranova front-end application running on Windows 3.11, Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation. The clients communicate with the Terranova server using a proprietary protocol.

Lucent will work with software resellers such as Programmers' Paradise, Egghead and Micro Warehouse, which will license applications from software publishers and copy them onto the Terranova server, officials said. Programmers' Paradise is currently evaluating the Terranova product, although so far neither it nor any other software reseller has signed an agreement with Lucent, of Murray Hill, N.J., to use Terranova.

The Terranova Express server and software, priced at $11,795, will be commercially available by the end of the month. The client software can be downloaded from Lucent's Web site ( at no charge.

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