December 25, 1995

Distance learning on more of the infobahn

By Jeffrey Frentzen

With the veritable explosion of universities and other education-centric organizations on the Internet, managers and executives now have a long list of "remote-access" learning centers from which to choose. Distance learning -- connecting individuals to classrooms via LANs, satellite broadcasts, or TV -- has finally been brought down to the desktop.

The Internet-based E-mail "correspondence" course is one of the most popular forms of distance learning.

For example, several colleges and universities offer degree programs to remote users. The Usenet newsgroup is one of the best resources for finding more information about these programs.

For corporate managers, customized programs catering to a company's specific educational needs may be more appropriate.

Westcott Communications Inc., a pioneer in specialized distance-learning systems, offers an extensive network of educational programs. Another company, Exen, offers real-time management-development programs via satellite. ICS Learning Systems, another old hand at distance-learning systems, provides several courses aimed directly at corporate business users.

In the up-and-coming category, Kathleen Gilroy Associates develops satellite-based programs for the health, finance, technology, and management fields.

Distance Learning

Name/AddressWhat to Expect discussion forum Usenet newsgroup
Arlington Courseware
Offers a special Internet-based course on learning about the World-Wide Web
Real-time management-development programs delivered via satellite
ICS Learning Systems
Worldwide electronic learning programs, with a special emphasis on business
Develops programs in finance, technology, management, and health care via satellite-based transmissions
Westcott Communications
Real-time and archived video-based distance-learning programs; extensive network of delivery systems

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