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Test Drive

Apple's QuickDraw3D version 1.5 is now available for Pentiums running Windows 95/NT and for PowerMacs. Go to the QuickDraw download page.

Internet E-mail
NetAddress is a free Internet E-mail service that allows users to establish a new E-mail address and route all incoming or outgoing mail through the address to or from multiple mailboxes or services. Go to the USANet subscription form.

Search Engines
WebSeeker utilizes 20 search engines to increase the performance of searches on the Internet. A time-limited evaluation copy for Windows 95/NT is available directly at or from the ForeFront Group download site.

Offline Browsers
Intermind Communicator allows users to "subscribe" to specific Web sites and receive automatic notification of updates to those pages or sites from within their browsers. Go to the Intermind downloads page.

SOL (Semi-Offline) Browser for Windows 95/NT upgrades Web performance by automatically downloading pages in the background that are linked to the page being viewed, It is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, and requires that IE be installed first. A 10-day evaluation version of the browser is available from the Tools & Toys site.


Pallette Works is an application that allows batch conversion of images in different formats to a common format and apply a palette that is common to all of the images in the batch. The shareware product is available for evaluation on the Word In Action site.

Application Development
Visigenic has available for download its VisiBroker for Java and its VisiBroker for C++ Runtime distributed objects tools for developing Java or C++ applications across multiple platforms. Go to the Visgenic download page. NetDynamics 3.0 is a Java Web data tool to build Web-centric business applications for integration with core applications such as PeopleSoft and SAP. Got to the NetDynamics download page.

Network Management
Active CS-Care 9 is a Web-based network management system for Novell IPX NetWare. The registration form for the download is on the Compu-Shack site.

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