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Test Drive

AudioVCR is a management program for audio on the Internet that allows archiving, rearranging, and managing audio content through a single interface so that, for example, listeners can connect toyour site and listen to specific programs any time of the day - an alternative to listening to a live broadcast. A demo is available at the Free Range Media site.

CineWeb is a Netscape plug in which brings real time streaming video viewing to standardized video formats on all Windows platforms. Download a beta version from the Digigami site.

Go-Get-It is a background search engine that retrieves information and places copies of the retrieved pages into local folders as they are located. Go to the Home Page Press download page.

File Transfers
SimpleSend is a Windows utility that allows quick file transfers, including drag & drop and unattended operation, from one computer to another over the telephone. Go to the download page on the Mercury DataCom site.

NT Defragger
Symantec Corp. has just released a beta copy (expires Feb. 15, 1997) of their Norton Utilities Speed Disk for Windows NT disk defragmentation utility that gives NT users the ability to defragment files on FAT and NTFS partitions. Go to the Symantec downloads page.


Info sharing
OnNet32 v2.0 ia a TCP/IP connectivity suite for Windows that lets users share information on legacy systems, intranets, and over the Web. A demo of the application is available on the FTP Software site.

Remote Access
Carbon Copy 32 is the 32-bit version of an application that links one PC to another PC over phone lines, network, direct cable connections. Go to the Microcom download site for a 30-day evaluation version.

Application Development
WebObjects Pro 3.0 is the latest version of its development software for the Internet, aimed at developers writing medium-size applications that require two-tier database access. Demos of applications written with WebObjects are available on the NeXT Software site.

Electronic Commerce
The Internet Factory has available limited-time downloads and demos of its Commerce Builder 2.0 and Merchant Builder 2.0 software packages that will allow users to build electronic commerce applications for Microsoft's IIS. Go to the Internet Factory home page and look for Download Trial Versions or Merchant Builder online store demo.

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